Who created Alcoholics Anonymous?

Who started the AA program?

According to the Alcoholics Anonymous website, Bill W. called various people and was eventually introduced to an Akron surgeon, forever to be remembered simply as “Dr. Bob.” The surgeon had struggled for years with his own drinking problem. The two men had their first meeting on May 12, 1935.

How did Bill Wilson meet Dr Bob?

Within minutes he was on the phone with a local minister. A series of calls put him in touch with an alcoholic surgeon named Dr. Bob. Bill arranged to visit the doctor at home.

Who wrote the 12 and 12 for Alcoholics Anonymous?

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions is a 1953 book, which explains the 24 basic principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and their application.

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.

First edition
Author Bill W.
Language English
Subject Alcoholism, Alcoholics Anonymous, Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions

In what year was Alcoholics Anonymous founded?

1935, Акрон, Огайо

Can I go to AA if I’ve been drinking?

The answer, based on A.A. experience, is that if you are an alcoholic, you will never be able to control your drinking for any length of time.

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How does AA define an alcoholic?

While there is no formal “A.A. definition” of alcoholism, most of us agree that, for us, it could be described as a physical compulsion, coupled with a mental obsession. We mean that we had a distinct physical desire to consume alcohol beyond our capacity to control it, and in defiance of all rules of common sense.

Did Dr Bob drink again?

Bob never drank again until his death, November 16, 1950. Dr. Bob sponsored more than 5,000 AA members and left the legacy of his life as an example.

How long was Bill W sober?

A heavy smoker, Wilson eventually suffered from emphysema and later pneumonia. He continued to smoke while dependent on an oxygen tank in the late 1960s. He drank no alcohol for the final 36 years of his life.

What is Dr Bob’s sobriety date?

Bob’s sobriety date is usually given as 10 June 1935, which has become known in AA as “Founders’ Day,” despite recent evidence that Dr. Smith took his last drink on 17 June 1935.

What were the original 6 Steps of AA?

The six steps were:

  • Complete deflation.
  • Dependence and guidance from a Higher Power.
  • Moral inventory.
  • Confession.
  • Restitution.
  • Continued work with other alcoholics.

Why was the 12 and 12 written?

To bring all the knowledge together he planned a new book of “twelve traditions”—these are the by-laws—and an expansion of the 12 Steps. The steps in the Big Book are often brief and run together; Bill wanted to amplify each step and give it its due.

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Is AA religious?

There is room in AA for people of all shades of belief and non-belief. … Many members believe in a god, and we have members that come from and practice all sorts of religions; but also many are atheist or agnostic, so don’t be put off.

Who was the third member of Alcoholics Anonymous?

Bill Dotson, the “Man on the Bed,” was AA number 3. At his death, he had not had a drink in more than nineteen years. His date of sobriety was the date he entered Akron’s City Hospital for his last detox, June 26, 1935.

Who was aa number 4?

The man generally considered AA number 4 was Ernie Galbraith, who first got sober in the summer of 1935, when Bill Wilson was still staying with the Smiths in Akron.

Are you an alcoholic?

Signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence

Worrying about where your next drink is coming from and planning social, family and work events around alcohol. Finding you have a compulsive need to drink and it hard to stop once you start. Waking up and drinking – or feeling the need to have a drink in the morning.

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