Your question: How can I book alcohol online in Kerala?

Name of the Scheme BEVCO Kerala Liquor Online Booking
Official website

How can I buy alcohol in Kerala?

The Kerala State Beverages Corporation (Bevco), the State-owned liquor retail monopoly, has allowed customers to purchase liquor without booking their slots in advance via the dedicated mobile phone application (BevQ).

How can I buy alcohol online?

Here are the best places to buy alcohol online:

  1. The best place to buy wine online:
  2. The best place to buy indie wine online:
  3. The best place to buy sake online: Tippsy.
  4. The best place to buy beer online: Craft City.
  5. The best on-demand alcohol delivery: Drizly.


Is alcohol available in Kerala now?

You will get wine and beer easily. However other alcoholic drinks you will have to purchase from Government Beverage Shops. Most brands are available throughout Kerala. Liquor is sold through the various Kerala State Beverages Corporation (BEVCO) outlets.

Which app is used to buy liquor in Kerala?

Faircode Technologies of Kochi, Kerala, created BevQ, a queue management smartphone application. The Kerala State Beverages Corporation, which is part of the Kerala Government, provides it. READ | How to download the BevQ app from Play Store to get e-token & buy liquor in Kerala?

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Is liquor cheap in Kerala?

The price rise for Bacardi Rum will be Rs 150 (new price – Rs 1440, old price Rs 1290), Signature Whiskey will be Rs 140 (new price Rs 1410, old price Rs 1270), Magic Moments Vodka Rs 100 (new price Rs 1010, old price Rs 910), Mansion House Brandy Rs 90 (new price Rs 910, old price Rs 820) and Jawan Rum (new price Rs …

Does Amazon sell vodka?

Alcohol is available for purchase at select Amazon Go and Amazon Go Grocery locations. Alcohol products are available for customers aged 21 and over. … ID’s are checked before entering the alcohol section.

What app can you order alcohol?

Check out these apps for your next booze delivery.

  • Drizly. By far one of the most popular apps is Drizly. …
  • Minibar Delivery. Minibar Delivery is perfect for a last minute party or for those who want to drink before going out because they offer delivery in a hour or less. …
  • Saucey. …
  • Klink Delivery. …
  • Buttery. …
  • Thirstie.

Is it cheaper to buy alcohol online?

Other Ways Buying Online Can Save Money on Alcohol

Not to beat a dead horse, but buying online can save money on booze by buying in bulk. You’ll get a lower per-bottle price when you buy a case online. This works especially well to save money on wine, because Amazon sells wine and they’ve always got deals cooking.

Does BigBasket deliver alcohol?

Amazon And BigBasket Can Now Deliver Alcohol Like Beer, Wine.

Is Bevco app still required?

The Kerala government has decided to do away with the services of the BevQ app, which was introduced to avoid crowding at liquor outlets to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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Where can I buy foreign liquor in Kochi?

1. Five-star hotels with bar – This is where most tourists go for liquor in Kochi. If you are staying in a 5-star hotel, you will be able to buy any liquor of your choice from the bar attached to the hotel.

Is there any liquor delivery app in India?

India’s first online liquor delivery app (formally known as LetsBuyDrink). With legal permissions from the states across PAN India. Liqhub is India’s Leading application in Liquor delivery app, trusted by the Government of India.

How much liquor can I buy in Kerala?


Item Possession Limit
Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) 3 Ltr
Beer 3.5 Ltr
Wine 3.5 Ltr
Foreign Made Foreign Liquor (FMFL) 2.5 Ltr

Which is the BevQ app?

BevQ is a queue management mobile application developed by Faircode Technologies of Kochi, Kerala. It is provided by the Kerala State Beverages Corporation under Government of Kerala.

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