Your question: Do restaurants in Dubai Mall serve alcohol?

There are no restaurants in Dubai Mall that serve alcohol. go into one of the hotels either connected to or close to the mall. In Souk Al Bahar, the licensed restaurants are Karma Kafe (Fusion), Mango Tree (Thai), Bice (Italian), Abdel Wahab (Lebanese) or Rivington Grill (Modern British).

Is alcohol served in Dubai restaurants?

Drinks will have to be served at tables and customers will not be permitted to stand at the bar. … Alcohol can only be served when customers order food and all drinks must be provided in disposable cups, according to the regulations.

Where can I drink alcohol in Dubai Mall?

over a year ago. Hello, no restaurant in any mall in Dubai serve alcohol. You can only drink in hotels. Also alcohol is not served in outside areas unless it is a bar or in a hotel.

Can I buy alcohol in Dubai Mall?

With more and more tourists returning to Dubai, the city’s visitors are now able to buy alcohol from all MMI stores. … There are 17 MMI store locations across Dubai including Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Al Wasl Road, Motor City, and The Greens.

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Does all inclusive in Dubai include alcohol?

Yes it includes alcohol, however they have different menus for all inclusive drinks. But good choices of cocktails and wine. over a year ago.

Can you wear shorts in Dubai?

You can dress as casually as you want, as long as it’s appropriate. You can wear shorts in Dubai. Even skirts, if they are at knee length and not shorter than that.

Do you have to order food with alcohol in Dubai?

Effective immediately, all licensed resto-bars and stand-alone bars across Dubai will now be able to serve alcoholic bevvies WITHOUT you needing to order meals or a snack along with it.

Do bars sell alcohol in Dubai?

Alcohol and the law in Dubai

In Dubai, alcohol can only be bought and consumed in public at licensed establishments. This normally means a restaurant, bar or nightclub attached to a hotel. Drinking alcohol in any other public place is illegal. It is also illegal for anyone below the age of 21 to consume alcohol.

Is alcohol cheap in Dubai?

Only licensed night clubs and hotel bars serve alcohol in Dubai, and it’s always expensive.

Is beer available in Dubai?

Yes, drinking in Dubai comes with a set of rules and regulations and one has to abide by the laws but you can totally enjoy alcohol in this tourist hub. With beer being one of the best-selling drinks here, there is a well-curated catalogue of brands available.

Can you drink alcohol in Dubai Airport?

Is drinking liquor allowed in Dubai airport? Although adult tourists are allowed to drink alcohol on Emirates and Eithad flights, including flights to their airport hubs, it is illegal to drink alcohol or be intoxicated in public, as per rules in Dubai. This can lead to fine and imprisonment.

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Is all inclusive in Dubai worth it?

Re: All inclusive- is it worth it? Having stayed here it is worth it unless you are happy to eat in fastfood places in which case it will be cheaper to stay elsewhere. It is a little far out but runs regular shuttle buses and has a rep if you fancy a day trip.

Do any hotels in Dubai do all inclusive?

Many of our most popular all-inclusive resorts can be found on a holiday in Dubai. … Combining first-class facilities, activities and accommodation with exceptional dining options, which are discoverable across a global array of restaurants.

Can you do all inclusive in Dubai?

A city famed for its beauty and style, Dubai has successfully meshed the very echelons of urban living with some of the world’s most elite beaches. The jewel of the Arab Emirates, this ultramodern metropolis demands the all inclusive experience. …

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