Which of the following alcohol shows fastest reaction with HBr?

3∘ alcohol react with fastest rate because 3∘ carbocation is more stable.

Which alcohol reacts fastest with HBr?

2-methyl propane-2-ol is tertiary alcohol and thus, reacts fastest with HBr. Propane-1-ol is alkyl alcohol which reacts to the slowest with HBr.

Which of the following reacts with HBr at fastest rate?

Which of the following react with HBr at faster rate ? 3∘ alcohol when reacts with HBr it gives SN1 reaction.

Which of the following alcohol shows fastest reaction with H+?

Tertiary alcohol is more basic than secondary and primary, hence react fastest with HCl.

Which one reacts faster with a particular alcohol?

Tertiary alcohol reacts fastest with Lucas reagent.

What will be the order of reactivity of the following alcohols towards concentrated HCL?

HCI is <br> I.

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What is the composition of Lucas reagent?

Lucas’ reagent, which is a mixture of zinc chloride and hydrochloric acid, reacts with secondary and tertiary alcohols through an SN1 nucleophilic substitution reaction. The zinc chloride coordinates to the hydroxyl oxygen to generate an excellent leaving group.

What happens when propene reacts with HBr in presence of peroxide?

This reaction uses peroxide as a catalyst. Complete step by step answer: When HBr reacts with propene in the presence of peroxide as catalyst it results in the formation of n− propyl bromide. This is an anti-markovnikov addition reaction.

Which alkene reacts faster with HBr explain your choice?

The first step in the reaction is the double bond of the Alkene going after the H of HBr. … Tertiary is more stable than secondary, so an Alkene that produces a tertiary carbocation reacts faster than an Alkene that produces a secondary carbocation.

Which of the following compound gives fastest addition reaction with HBr?

Hence the addition of HBr is easiest with (CH3)2C=CH2 . Was this answer helpful?

What happens when ethanol react with socl2?

The reaction of ethyl alcohol with thionyl chloride form ethyl chloride, sulphur dioxide and hydrogen chloride. Thus, the correct option is C.

Which of the following reacts faster with HCL?

Thus C6H5−CHOH−CH3 on protonation followed by loss of a water molecule gives benzylic carbocation that is resonance stabilized. Hence it is more stable.

Which alcohol will react fastest with HCl and ANHY ZnCl2?

HCl and anhydrous ZnCl2 is Lucas reagent, which is used to distinguish between 1°, 2° and 3° alcohols. 3° alcohol + Lucas reagent → Immediate turbidity.

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What is Lucas reagent which alcohol reacts faster?

The alcohol that reacts fastest with Lucas reagent is tertiary alcohol.

Why HCl is least reactive towards alcohol?

Acid protonates the alcohol hydroxyl group, making it a good leaving group. … Because the chloride ion is a weaker nucleophile than bromide or iodide ions, hydrogen chloride does not react with primary or secondary alcohols unless zinc chloride or a similar Lewis acid is added to the reaction mixture as well.

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