What kind of alcohol do you use in a fondue burner?

Alcohol fuel- Use only Denatured alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. Uses: Any fondue, cheese, chocolate, oil or broth. It is as good as butane for for oil and broth fondue but is more cumbersome to deal with. Heat Duration: 3 ounces on High will burn approximately 90 minutes.

What do you use for a fondue burner?

There are several types of fondue fuel used in fondue making. These include paste fuel, gel fuel, candle lights, alcohol, butane and sterno. The type of fondue you want to make will dictate the type of pot and fuel you should use.

Can you use meths in a fondue burner?

You can both use methylated spirit and burning gel in the burner.

Can you use bio ethanol in a fondue?

Answer: You can, providing you observe the safety rules for bio-ethanol, but there is a slight odour that this fuel gives off which might make its use prohibitive. If you have a fondue burner you would be far better off using the gel packs designed for fondue use like the ones kitchen craft supply through this site.

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What is the best oil to use for fondue?

If you are going to fondue, using a monounsaturated oil would be a better choice. Canola oil has very little flavor and a high enough smoke point. Extra virgin olive oil is acceptable, but virgin olive oil will have fewer impurities and thus an even higher smoke point.

Can you use rubbing alcohol in an alcohol burner?

Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) is an acceptable cooking fuel. It may be purchased in 70 percent, 91 percent, and 99 percent strengths. The higher the percentage of alcohol, the better the alcohol will burn. Isopropyl alcohol produces a yellow sooty flame and does not burn as cleanly as the above fuels.

Can I use white spirit instead of methylated spirit for fondue?

Meths is a much lighter fuel, which evaporates very quickly, white spirit is positively thick and oily in comparison… I wouldn’t advise substituting.

Can you use white spirit in a fondue burner?

NO. This is really really dangerous – the phrase “White Spirit” (NOT spirits) means one thing in the UK and different things in other places. … If you are not in the UK they “White Spirit” could mean something like gasoline/naptha – do not put this in a trangia-style burner unless you like playing with explosives….

Is isopropyl alcohol the same as denatured?

While isopropyl alcohol is often referred to as a ‘surgical spirit’ because of its use in hospitals and other medical applications, denatured alcohol is referred to as a ‘methylated spirit.

What is the color of ethanol?

Ethanol appears as a clear colorless liquid with a characteristic vinous odor and pungent taste.

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How strong is denatured alcohol?

The alcohol content in denatured alcohol can range between 70% and 99%. Consuming high proof alcohol can render the individual blind, and can even be fatal.

What is the difference between gel fuel and Sterno?

Answer: No, it is not the same. Sterno cans contain a gel-type fuel, and the can has an open hole in the top (approximately 2 inches in diameter). The Bakers and Chefs Safe Heat cans are filled with a liquid fuel (9.24 ounces), and they have a wick sealed into the top of the can.

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