What is homologous series give homologous series of alcohol?

The alcohols are a homologous series of organic compounds . They all contain the functional group –OH, which is responsible for the properties of alcohols. The names of alcohols end with ‘ol’, eg ethanol. The first three alcohols in the homologous series are methanol, ethanol and propanol.

What is alcohol homologous series?

Alcohol is an homologous series in which the compounds contain a functional group called the hydroxyl group (-OH). The general molecular formula for alcohols is CnH2n+1OH. Alcohols are all derivatives of hydrocarbons in which one or more of the hydrogen atoms in the hydrocarbon have been replaced by a hydroxyl group.

What is meant by homologous series?

A homologous series is a family of hydrocarbons with similar chemical properties who share the same general formula. … Hydrocarbons are compounds that contain only hydrogen and carbon.

What is homologous series Class 11?

A homologous series is defined as a family or group of structurally similar organic compounds all the members of which contain the same functional group, Show a gradation in physical and similarity in chemical properties and any two adjacent members of which differ by a -CH2 group.

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What is the general formula of homologous series of alcohols?

Alcohol molecules all contain the hydroxyl (-OH) functional group. They are a homologous series and have the general formula C nH 2n+ 1OH.

What are the 4 types of alcohol?

The four types of alcohol are ethyl, denatured, isopropyl and rubbing. The one that we know and love the best is ethyl alcohol, also called ethanol or grain alcohol. It’s made by fermenting sugar and yeast, and is used in beer, wine, and liquor.

What are the first 10 alcohols?

propanol (C3H7OH)

  • propan-1-ol.
  • 1-propanol.
  • n-propanol.
  • propyl alcohol.
  • n-propyl alcohol.
  • propylic alcohol.
  • ethyl carbinol.
  • optal.

What is homologous series and its properties?

In organic chemistry, a homologous series is a series of compounds with the same functional group and similar chemical properties in which the members of the series differ by the number of repeating units they contain. … They share common characteristics: They all contain the same functional group.

What are the types of homologous series?


Homologous series General formula Repeating unit
Straight-chain alkyl CnH2n + 1 (n ≥ 1) −CH2−
Straight-chain 1-alkenes CnH2n (n ≥ 2) −CH2−
Cycloalkanes CnH2n (n ≥ 2) −CH2−
Straight-chain 1-alkynes CnH2n − 2 (n ≥ 2) −CH2−

What are the four characteristics of homologous series?

Four characteristics of a homologous series are: (i) The general formula of all compounds in the series is the same. (ii) They have the same functional group. (iii) Their physical properties such as melting point, boiling point, density, generally show a gradual change with increase of molecular formula in the series.

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What are the first 10 alkynes?

Here are the molecular formulas and names of the first ten carbon straight chain alkynes.


Name Molecular Formula
Ethyne C2H2
Propyne C3H4
1-Butyne C4H6
1-Pentyne C5H8

Which is not a first member of given homologous series?

All are alkenes except 2-butyne. So, 2-butyne does not form the member of homologous series.

What is alkanes general formula?

The general formula for the alkanes is C nH 2n +2, where n is the number of carbon atoms in the molecule.

What is the general formula of aldehyde?

In aldehydes, the carbonyl group has one hydrogen atom attached to it together with either a 2nd hydrogen atom or a hydrogen group which may be an alkyl group or one containing a benzene ring. The general formula of alkene is CnH2n+1 so the general formula for aldehyde will be CnH2n+1CHO or CnH2nO.

What is the name and formula of 2nd member of homologous series of alcohol?

The second member of carbon compounds with group -OH (alcohol) is ethanol and its formula is CH3CH2OH.

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