Is there alcohol sales on New Year’s Day in New Mexico?

Retail sales of wine and liquor are prohibited on Christmas, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Sundays.

Can you buy alcohol on New Year’s Day in New Mexico?

No on New Year’s Day. Some counties prohibit sale when it falls on a Sunday.

Can you buy alcohol on holidays in New Mexico?

Whether you’re having a holiday party or wanting to enjoy a drink a home, New Mexico State law states no person may sell, offer for sale or deliver any liquor Christmas Day.

Is alcohol served on New Year’s Day?

California – No statewide holiday restrictions. Stores have the option of being open on both New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve. Call to confirm. … Connecticut – Liquor stores must be closed on Christmas and New Year’s and Thanksgiving.

When can you buy alcohol in NM?

New Mexico Liquor Laws

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Grocery/Liquor Store (Off-Premise) Sale Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 7:00am to 12:00am Sunday: 12:00pm to 12:00am

Can you buy alcohol in New Mexico on Sunday?

Current law limits packaged alcohol sales on Sunday from noon to midnight and on-site sales from 11 a.m. to midnight.

Is alcohol banned in New Mexico?

LAS CRUCES – New liquor laws are coming to New Mexico this summer. … Two other major changes in the signed law are the prohibition of the sale of miniature liquor bottles, containing 3 fluid ounces or less, for off-site consumption, and lifting the ban on alcohol sales before 11 a.m. on Sundays.

What is the earliest time to buy alcohol?

In most jurisdictions, sales of alcoholic beverages can occur between 7 a.m. and 3 a.m. in retail establishments, and the bar closing time is 2 a.m. Maximum size for beer and malt liquor bottles sold at retail establishments appears to be 32 ounces in most jurisdictions.

In New Mexico, it is illegal to drive with a breath or blood alcohol concentration of . 08 or more if you’re 21 or over, or . 02 if you’re under 21, or . 04 if you drive a commercial vehicle.

Can alcohol be sold today?

Alcohol can be sold for home consumption from Monday to Thursday only for now and no alcohol can be sold or served after 10pm. … Over the course of July and early August, pressure from the trade and regional governments, especially in the Western Cape, to allow alcohol and tobacco sales began to mount.

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Is Walmart Open New Year’s Day 2020?

Either way, Walmart has you covered on New Year’s Day. Most Walmart stores – including those open 24 hours – will be open regular hours Jan. 1, 2020.

Can you buy liquor in Texas on New Year’s Day?

Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day are all on the naughty list when it comes to liquor sales – meaning you can’t buy any. … The Sunday rule dates back to 1935 when, according to the Dallas Morning News, the Texas Legislature passed the Texas Liquor Control Act in response to the repeal of Prohibition.

Can you buy alcohol on New Year’s Day Colorado?

Grocery stores in Colorado can now sell full-strength wine and beer (thanks to a 2016 bill). But, takeaway alcohol sales are still banned on Christmas day. Weed is, apparently, still totally dank (and legal for sale) on the holiday. Connecticut bans takeaway alcohol on Thanksgiving, Christmas day, and New Year’s Day.

Can you buy alcohol with a vertical license in New Mexico?

A licensee or a licensee’s agent or employee shall not sell, serve or provide alcoholic beverages to a person who has a New Mexico driver’s license or an identification card that is printed in a vertical format.

Is New Mexico a dry state?

New Mexico is wet by default, but dry on Sundays until noon. Law does, however, allow for local jurisdictions to elect to go dry by public referendum. North Carolina allows certain classes of local jurisdictions to exercise a local option by public referendum whether to go dry.

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Can minors drink with parents in New Mexico?

POSSESSION: In New Mexico beginning July 1, 2004, possession of alcoholic beverages by a person under 21 is specifically allowed when “a parent, legal guardian or adult spouse of a minor serves alcoholic beverages to that minor on real property, other than licensed premises, under the control of the parent, legal …

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