Is alcohol available in Muscat airport?

You can purchase alcohol in many areas, including the airport when you land in Oman. But, many laws are surrounding the consumption of alcohol. Any airport will limit you to two servings that are either two (small) bottles of wine, or two 12-ounce cans of beer.

Can you buy alcohol in Oman airport?

You can buy alcohol in Oman at the airport, in hotels and bars, and at licenced liquor stores around the country.

Is alcohol available in Muscat?

No, you cannot buy alcohol anywhere, as a tourist, apart from hotel bars and restaurants. Only non-muslim residents who have a liquor licence are able to buy alcohol from government licensed stores.

Does Muscat airport have a bar?

Tickerdaze. Tickerdaze is a gastro sports bar offering a wide range of world renowned premium beers, carefully curated cocktails and shots.

Can Tourists buy alcohol in Oman?

Non-Muslim residents can get a licence to drink alcohol at home from the Royal Oman Police. Liquor licenses are not available to non-residents, but it is possible for tourists and visitors to buy and drink alcohol in licensed venues, such as hotels, restaurants and clubs. The legal age for drinking alcohol is 21.

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Can unmarried couples stay together in Oman?

Living Together While Unmarried in Oman

As Oman is a predominantly Muslim country in the Middle East, it is illegal for unmarried couples and those of the opposite sex to live together in Oman.

Can Muslims drink alcohol in Oman?

When you travel to a Muslim country, there will always be restrictions on pork products, alcohol, pornography and how you dress. Pornography is completely illegal. It’s still illegal to drink alcohol and be drunk in public, but you will find licensed hotels and restaurants sell alcohol.

Is it expensive to live in Muscat?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 668$ (257﷼) without rent. … Muscat is 48.87% less expensive than New York (without rent). Rent in Muscat is, on average, 80.50% lower than in New York.

Which hotels in Muscat serve alcohol?

  • Al Seeb. Holiday Inn Al Seeb. Sundus Rotana Muscat.
  • Muscat.
  • Shatti Al Qurm. Royal Opera Galleria.
  • Salalah. Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah.

Can you smoke in Oman?

Smoking in indoor public places and workplaces is restricted to designated smoking rooms except in “places of worship, educational institutions, government departments, health facilities and sports settings,” which must be completely smoke free. Smoking is prohibited in all means of public transport.

How do I get free WiFi at Muscat airport?

Access Muscat International Airport’s free WiFi with the password provided to you, available for 2 hours at a time.

Wi-Fi Service

  1. Select Free WiFi.
  2. Provide your local Omani number.
  3. Passengers will then receive an SMS providing the password to log in to the WiFi account.
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How can I use airport lounge?

If you’re already at the airport, just walk up to the lounge entrance and ask, Zito says. You will need to present your access credential (such as the credit card that includes access or your Priority Pass card), your photo ID and your boarding pass, Zito says.

Do and don’ts in Oman?

Even if visitors might not be violating the law, here are a few things that they should never do in Oman.

  • Don’t wear inappropriately short clothes. …
  • Don’t speak or laugh loudly in the street. …
  • Don’t drink or consume drugs. …
  • Don’t disrespect mosques. …
  • Don’t mock Omani traditions. …
  • Don’t reject hospitality. …
  • Don’t flirt with women.


Is WhatsApp banned in Oman?

Are WhatsApp calls blocked in Oman? Yes, Whatsapp and anyother internet free audio/video calls are blocked in oman but one can connect the vpn on his/her device and can access these app to make audio/video call.

Can you drink alcohol in a hotel room?

You can drink what ever you want in your room. You don’t have to purchase it at the Inn. … If a hotel ever snooped around my room and checked for alcohol not purchased there I guarantee you they could call the police and try to do something about it, and I would definitely rebook at another hotel.

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