Can you buy alcohol online in BC?

Licensee Retail Stores (private liquor stores) and wine stores may now sell their products online and deliver them to customers. …

Can you buy liquor online in BC?

Only liquor licensees with a retail storefront operation are permitted to sell their products online. These licences include licensee retail store, wine store, and manufacturer with an onsite store. Delivery persons are required to be Serving It Right certified.

The B.C. government announced Friday that its authorization allowing liquor-primary and food-primary businesses to sell and deliver sealed alcohol products with food orders for off-site consumption will remain in perpetuity.

Can you order alcohol online Vancouver?

For LIQUOR ONLY DELIVERY or PICKUP you can order and prepay online www. darbys. pub/shop or call 604-731-8750 to speak with the store.

Ontario now offers online alcohol sales, complete with an e-commerce website and home delivery via Canada Post. Yesterday Finance Minister Charles Sousa announced the launch of online sales and home delivery through

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Can you order beer online in BC?

recently announced it plans to add beer to its online store in short order. … You can find B.C.’s favourite craft beer guide at your local brewery, select private liquor stores, and on newsstands across the province.

Who delivers alcohol in Vancouver?

Dial a Bottle Vancouver offers one hour home delivery for beer, wine, liquor, champagne, spirits, liqueurs, cigarettes, snacks and pop—we’ll even return your empties. Simply call us and we’ll do the rest! We’ll bring it to your door—deliveries in less than an hour!! That’s IT!

What ID do you need to buy alcohol in BC?

An official government issued ID (including foreign government issued) with name, picture and birth date; such as a driver’s licence or passport. A secondary ID that includes name and signature or picture; such as a credit card or student ID.

Does Drizly deliver in Canada?

Drizly is launching in its first international market today, as the Boston-based startup expands its on-demand booze delivery service to Canada. Founded in 2012, Drizly lets you search for and order beer, wine, and spirits to your door within the hour, using nothing but your smartphone.

In BC, the legal drinking age is 19.

Does Uber eats deliver alcohol in Vancouver?

Enjoy Alcohol delivery with Uber Eats in Vancouver. Browse Vancouver restaurants serving Alcohol nearby, place your order, and enjoy! Your order will be delivered in minutes and you can track its ETA while you wait.

Where can I buy liquor in Vancouver?

Where to buy wine/ liquor in downtown vancouver?

  • O Canada House. 485 reviews. …
  • The Burrard. 2,242 reviews. …
  • Blue Horizon Hotel. 3,253 reviews. …
  • Hyatt Regency Vancouver. 5,010 reviews. …
  • L’Hermitage Hotel. 5,184 reviews. …
  • Fairmont Waterfront. 4,162 reviews. …
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Vancouver Downtown. 1,496 reviews. …
  • Pan Pacific Vancouver.
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Does Doordash deliver alcohol in Canada?


You can only deliver alcohol if the customer is 21 years of age or older (19 if you are in Canada) and you scan the customer’s ID. To verify age, ask the customer to see a valid ID. Check every customer’s ID every time, even if the customer clearly appears to be over 21 in the US and 19 in Canada.

Can you order alcohol on Amazon Canada?

Two-hour delivery on beer, spirits, wine and other items purchased through the service is free for those with a $99-a-year Prime membership, while one-hour delivery costs $7.99 US — though some subscribers have reported much quicker delivery times for the latter option.

Can you order alcohol from the US to Canada?

To ship alcohol to Canada, you’ll need to abide by the regulations of the authorized liquor board of the province where your alcohol is being shipped. Each province has their own set of guidelines regarding alcohol being shipped.

Can passengers drink alcohol in a car in Canada?

Passengers are not permitted to consume alcohol in a moving vehicle.

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