Can NYC restaurants serve alcohol?

Do you still have to order food with alcohol in NYC?

— A COVID-era emergency order requiring people to order food with alcohol purchases at restaurants and bars in New York was lifted on Wednesday. Lawmakers in the New York State Legislature voted to repeal the mandate issued in July 2020 by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

What time can restaurants serve alcohol in New York?

The New York State Liquor Authority (or “SLA”) allows a liquor/wine store to open and sell alcohol to the public Monday through Saturday until midnight. On Sundays, a liquor/wine store can sell only from noon until 9:00 p.m. Grocery stores and drug stores cannot sell beer on Sundays from 3:00 a.m. until noon.

Can you drink without ordering food in New York?

New York State to Lift Rule Mandating Food Served With Alcohol – The New York Times. New York|No more ‘Cuomo chips’: New York’s legislature will suspend a rule that required food to be ordered with alcohol.

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Can I drink outside in NYC?

To-go alcohol sales have been a lifeline for many bars and restaurants as quarantine-fatigued people adapt to the new landscape. But drinking at a restaurant, albeit outdoors, is not for everyone. … That, however, is where the city’s open container law comes in: drinking outdoors is still illegal.

Can minors drink with parents in New York?

Persons under 21 are prohibited from purchasing alcohol or possessing alcohol with the intent to consume, unless the alcohol was given to that person by their parent or legal guardian. There is no law prohibiting persons under the age of 21 consuming alcohol that was given to them by their parent or legal guardian.

Can you buy alcohol before noon in NY?

Liquor stores can sell spirits beginning at noon on Sunday. Grocery and convenience stores can sell beer and low-proof wine. … They can sell alcohol from 9 a.m. until midnight Monday through Saturday and noon to 9 p.m. on Sunday.

Can you take a bottle of wine home from a restaurant in New York?

It used to be illegal in New York and many other places in the U.S. for a customer to leave a restaurant with an open wine bottle. Now, about 34 states have passed “recorking” laws letting restaurant patrons take home partially drunk bottles of wine, as long as the bottles are properly sealed.

Do you have to order food with alcohol in NY 2021?

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New Yorkers will no longer have to buy a jelly sandwich, chips or other snack with their beer under an executive order that state lawmakers repealed Wednesday. Last summer, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order requiring food to be sold with alcoholic beverages at bars and restaurants.

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What time do bars have to close in NY?

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) — The last of the coronavirus-era restrictions on restaurants, bars and catering businesses are coming to an end in New York. Starting Monday night, restaurants, and bars in New York City can serve past midnight.

Do bars in NY have to serve food?

ALBANY – You will no longer need to buy food if you go to a bar for a drink in New York. A COVID-19 regulation in New York that required food purchases at bars and restaurants to limit mingling amid the pandemic is set to be lifted Wednesday by the state Legislature.

Can you walk around with alcohol in NYC?

Is outdoor drinking legal in New York right now? Technically, no—it never was, according to Cuomo. As things stand right now, if you want to order to-go cocktails, you’ll have to get food with them.

Can you drink on the beach in NYC?

Is drinking alcohol on a New York City beach legal? No, drinking alcohol is illegal in all public spaces in the city, including beaches.

Can you drink on NYC Subway?

Folks drink all the time on the subways. Covered cups or containers are the rule. However, be advised that during the rush hours, it would be virtually impossible as you may be crammed in like a sardine. Why not just head to a coffee shop when you arrive where you are going.

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