Best answer: Are alcohols more acidic than thiols?

A thiol is more acidic than an alcohol. Note that S and O are in the same group of the periodic table. The thiol is more acidic because the sulfur atom is larger than the oxygen atom.

Do you expect thiols to be more acidic or less acidic than similar alcohols?

Thiols are more acidic than alcohols

by an average of about 5 pKa units or so ( pKa of about 11 for the thiol pictured below). Remember that pKa is logarithmic, so that means they’re about 105 times more acidic.

Are thiols more acidic than carboxylic acid?

Qu1: (i) increasing acidity : CH3CH2OH < CH3CH2SH < CH3CO2H < CCl3CO2H Resonance stabilisation in carboxylates makes carboxylic acids more acidic than alcohols or thiols. … Thiols are more acidic than alcohols due to weaker X-H bond and the ability of S to accommodate extra electrons (size).

Which is more acidic phenol or thiol?

Thiophenol has a greater acidity than Phenol. The reason to this thiophenol has a pKa of 6 as to that phenol has 10 (The lower the pKa, the stronger is the acid!).

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Is thiol a weak acid?

Alcohols and thiols are weak acids. In view of the similarity between the structures of water and alcohols, it may come as no surprise that their acidities are about the same. The conjugate bases of alcohols are generally called alkoxides.

Why is sh a stronger acid than Oh?

R-SH is much stronger acid than R-OH because the size of sulphur atom is much bigger than oxygen atom thereby making the bond length of S—H much longer than O—H bond.

Is sulfur or oxygen a better leaving group?

Sulfur is a larger atom than oxygen, making its electrons more polarizable. Thus, it is a stronger nucleophile than oxygen. However, the pka of R-SH is 8.2 where as the pka of R-OH is 16. Thus, the SH group is a stronger acid than the OH.

Why does adding chlorine increases the acidity of acetic acid?

The inductive effect of this chlorine atom reduces the electron density over the already weakened O-H bond in the carboxylic moiety (due to the presence of alpha carbonyl group). This increases the ease of releasing the hydrogen to the base, thus making it a stronger acid than acetic acid.

Why is sulfur a good leaving group?

The positive charge on the sulfur also makes it an excellent leaving group, as the resulting product will be a neutral and very stable sulfide. All in all, in both reactions we have a reasonably good nucleophile, an electron-poor, unhindered electrophile, and an excellent leaving group.

Why is Ethanal a stronger acid than ethane?

Question: Why Is Ethanol A Stronger Acid Than Ethane? … Because The Carbon Acid Is More Stable, Its Acid Strength Is Greater. C. The Conjugate Base Of Ethanol (enolate Ion) Is Stabilized By Resonance: …

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Which is more acidic c6h5oh or C6H5SH?

So H2Cl+ is the stronger acid. because N+ attracts & stabilizes base e’s. So NO2CH2CO2H is the stronger acid. So C6H5SH is the stronger acid.

Why are thiols more acidic than alcohols?

A thiol is more acidic than an alcohol. … The thiol is more acidic because the sulfur atom is larger than the oxygen atom. This has two effects. (1) it makes the S-H bond longer and weaker than the O-H bond and so favours loss of H+.

Is thiophenol flammable?


* Benzenethiol is a COMBUSTIBLE LIQUID. * Use dry chemical, CO2, water spray, or foam extinguishers.

Which alcohol is the most acidic?

Therefore, in the gas-phase, t-butanol is the most acidic alcohol, more acidic than isopropanol, followed by ethanol and methanol.

Which is more acidic alcohol or phenol?

Phenols are stronger acids than alcohols, but they are still quite weak acids. A typical alcohol has a pKa of 16–17. In contrast, phenol is 10 million times more acidic: its pKa is 10. Phenol is more acidic than cyclohexanol and acyclic alcohols because the phenoxide ion is more stable than the alkoxide ion.

Why are primary alcohols more acidic?

For the simplest case of alkyl alcohols, primary alcohols are more acidic than secondary alcohols which are more acidic than tertiary alcohols. This is because the strength of the alcohol as an acid is dependent on the corresponding strength of its conjugate base, the alkoxide ion.

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