What alcohol did Germans drink in ww2?

Like any WWII soldiers, the Germans enjoyed a drink whether it was in celebration, stress or defeat. So Jagermeister was immensely popular along the frontlines according to Berry.

What alcohol did soldiers drink in WW2?

Torpedo juice is American slang for an alcoholic beverage, first mixed in World War II, made from pineapple juice and the 180-proof grain alcohol fuel used in United States Navy torpedo motors.

What did Germans drink during the war?

Besides the looting of wineries as German troops advanced into eastern France at the beginning of the war, the Germans enjoyed a varied assortment of alcohol rations, ranging from small measures of beer, German wine, brandy and, most famously, schnapps.

What drinks did they have in WW2?

Here are a few of those potent potables, in chronological order:

  • SIDECAR. …
  • FRENCH 75. …


What alcohol did people drink in the war?

Barbed wire whisky

The beverages provided from the army command were beer, rum, gin and whisky. Especially the ‘barbed wire whiskies’ were rolled out by the barrel. Whiskies like Old Orkney and 9th Hole and later Johnnie Walker were popular among the troops.

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What date is V Day?

May 8, 1945

Did soldiers get drunk before battle?

Russian troops get bored before a battle and drink too much to fight. … While the exact numbers of troops on each side are no longer known, the armies of five Russian warlords were assembled at the river. But, they were so drunk that the Mongols of the Blue Horde just showed up and started slaughtering them.

What liquor is Germany known for?

What to eat & drink in Germany? Top 10 Most Popular German spirits and liqueurs

  • Pear Brandy. Poire Williams. Germany. …
  • Brandy. Asbach Uralt. Rüdesheim am Rhein. …
  • Spirit. Himbeergeist. Germany. …
  • Cream Liqueur. Dooley’s. Eckernförde. …
  • Spirit. Korn. Germany. …
  • Cherry Brandy. Kirschwasser. …
  • Herbal Liqueur. Underberg. …
  • Herbal Liqueur. Kräuterlikör.


Did WW2 soldiers drink?

The answer is, quite simply, yes. The daily ration of alcohol traditionally existed to help soldiers cope with the stress of combat and daily life within the military. In WW2, the British Army did continue with a Rum ration to troops, but only in some situations and only with the consent of a medical officer.

What did soldiers drink?

Some soldiers mixed beer or cider with white wine; thin red wine was sometimes mixed with army rum to add body; rough brandies and marcs could be chucked into wine to make it stronger; and “champagne” was sold with a range of adulterants.

Was beer rationed in ww2?

Beer was not rationed but the amount of grain that was available to brewers was restricted. It was not unusual for landlords to restrict the number of drinks that an individual could buy and pubs were often shut for two or three days a week while waiting for beer to be delivered.

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Why did soldiers drink alcohol?

But alcohol is wine; alcohol is vodka; alcohol is whiskey and rum. … For the soldiers’ part, Wehrmacht officers permitted and initially encouraged their charges to consume alcohol as a coping mechanism, believing it essential to good morale.

Why did WW1 soldiers drink rum?

Rum (indeed alcohol generally) served three main purposes in the war: firstly as a morale booster; secondly as what is known as a “combat motivator” and, thirdly, very often as a coping mechanism and all three merged quite seamlessly into the other, their purposes over-lapping, as time progressed.

Do sailors still get rum?

The rum ration (also called tot) was a daily amount of rum given to sailors on Royal Navy ships. It was abolished in 1970 after concerns that regular intakes of alcohol would lead to unsteady hands when working machinery.

What did British soldiers drink in ww2?

Thus the cocktail of gin and tonic became the iconic drink of the British Empire. With army officers downing the concoction inside club houses, the cocktail soon acquired a suave aura.

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