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  1. Hi,

    I’m a pilot who has fallen victim to this racket. I read above where you are somewhat familiar with the situation. I would disagree, however, that we are putting up more resistance. We are specifically HIRED for compulsiveness, read follow orders, regardless…. I apparently fell through the cracks.

    I’ve been researching false positive biomarker tests for over a year now, have found numerous accounts of doctors actually fighting, nurses trying, but only ONE pilot serious attempt. I know him personally, but did find his case independently. He’s in a pickle as he cannot go to a court because we fall under labor laws requiring arbitration, but cannot grieve via arbitration because of a contract he had to sign waives that right. How in the world could a union, who’s hand and hand in bed with the company and FAA, even signatories to that contract, allow a pilot to waive his rights to already diminished due process?

    I was fired over a year ago because of a false positive PeTH test, which was never verified in any way. A single data point. I’m still awaiting my arbitration hearing.

    A Delta Pilot, Karlene Petitt, a safety whistleblower and victim of a retaliatory paid for diagnosis which grounded her for over a year, is finally creating a conduit for pilots who have been fired and swept under the rug to finally join forces, because of the media exposure she has gotten.

    The ones currently in the program are simply too afraid to speak up at all. I know several people who personally were told to avoid advocating for me as I was being fired. I broke contact with them kind of like you don’t stop to help a stranded woman in LA for fear of scaring her to death…. It helps that unlike doctors and nurses, nearly all pilot expenses are paid for by the company, or fraudulently pawned off on insurance companies. Of course the companies boast a whopping 9 to 37 fold return on investment for putting a pilot through this. I don’t know about doctors, but us pilots can’t find investments that reliably pay ten to one. Geesh.

    And then there’s the years of forced AA involvement, BY THE US GOVERNMENT via the FAA’s mandating of the HIMS program, which they drafted.

    This is all delineated on HIMSPROGRAM.COM



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