PHP Lawsuit

PHP Lawsuit
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Any information on this? Just discovered this website and would appreciate any feedback here.


5 thoughts on “PHP Lawsuit

  1. Michael,

    I’d like to respectfully suggest this post be taken down until it is more fleshed out. Yes, there are a couple of slim pages which provide a glimpse of what we face but it is not anything new – well except for the lawsuit headline. I would use the contact form and write directly to these people but really, I have no idea if it is friend or foe on the other end. As you know, transparency (vs. opacity) is something very important to most of us AND our adversaries tend to be fraudsters. Engaging this website could be like engaging a phishing email. I won’t go on. I imagine you get my point. As well, I imagine this PHP Lawsuit site/page has been posted by allies, so I hope this will be regarded as a friendly comment. I can be contacted personally if anyone wants more feedback.

    Christian Wolff, MA


    • That’s why I am posting it with no commentary. Let’s vet it out and see where it leads. Better
      to come across it here first and see where it leads and provide feedback for better or worse as it may be.


  2. I called the telephone number for the group and referred them to my SB19-193 testimony. The person answering the call stated that they are indeed a law firm but I couldn’t tell which one. I spoke in general terms with the person on the other end of the call and did mention the term “honeypot” twice so that he got the idea that his law firm was being vetted for competence and allegiances. I’m still not sure about them and would advise caution for now.

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  3. I have spoken with an attorney (actually an MD/JD) who is in Chicago. I saw on this PHP Lawsuit website that it is “located” in Chicago. This attorney that I spoke with was interested in recruiting physicians who have experienced the wrath of PHP retaliation (for not towing the line), and to bring forward a class-action lawsuit against PHP programs. He said that he worked for the Medical Residents and Physicians Advocacy Group. They certainly sound like they have similar goals, but I cannot with any certainty say that this attorney or the PHP Lawsuit is legitimate. I just sent a follow-up email to this attorney. I will let you know if I get more definitive answers and proof.

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