Beyond the Schoolyard: Workplace Bullying – Disrupted Physician

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lVeiling truth to those in power protects the bully.  Reports of abuse are disbelieved or ignored; dismissed or minimized as exaggeration; deemed a product of bellyachers and whiners.  In addition to hiding his true self the bully will often tell superiors what they want to hear. The workplace bully promotes an image of loyalty, dedication and hard work to superiors and may even feign common ideals and goals.   This  impression management often works.

When bullying ends in tragedy it is often revealed that those who could and should have done something about it knew about it and did nothing.  This failure to act may be the result of blinkered apathy, willful ignorance and even malicious complicity.  This is especially true when the  political and ideological views of the bully align closely with  those in charge and the victim of bullying is remotely aligned.   Moral superiority, bigotry, racism,  and other biases all too often factor into the equation.


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2 thoughts on “Beyond the Schoolyard: Workplace Bullying – Disrupted Physician

  1. Thank you for this blog post. I currently work in a high school setting as a mental health counselor. The issue of bullying is a huge problem. The majority of cases I see in regards to bullying involve social media. The newest update to Twitter that allowed polling, caused havoc of rating each other, good and bad. As fast as the polls are taken down, new ones are posted. It polarizes students and creates a desire for them to have “revenge” and retaliate online. Getting the students to do a face to face remediation has been the most helpful, with a counselor present to help moderate emotions. Getting parents involved is another helpful tool, many parents do not want to admit their child is part of the problem.

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